5 Ways to Age-Proof Your Joints for Future Pain Management

5 Easy Ways to Age-Proof Your Joints


It may be impossible to completely avoid age-related pains and aches in the joints. However, this does not necessarily mean suffering is unavoidable. Continue reading for 5 ways to age-proof your joints! Just make sure to slowly implement these things into your routine so these new habits are easier to maintain.

Age-proof Your Joints With Exercise Moderately

The last thing you want to do is move around while you have joint pain. However, exercise can be beneficial for it. It helps reduce inflammation and improve joint mobility. When selecting an exercise, opt for low-impact workouts, such as walking or swimming. You can also incorporate strength training into your workout routine.

Eat Healthy to Age-proof Your Joints

A well-balanced diet that includes lean meat, whole grains, and vegetables may not necessarily heal your joints. However, it can indirectly help manage the pain. You also might want to avoid or reduce consuming processed foods since they increase inflammation. Replace foods like cookies or cake with fresh fruits. Also, keep yourself hydrated.

Some foods that are known to be effective when it comes to reducing inflammation include:

  • Cherries
  • Salmon
  • Red peppers
  • Oatmeal
  • Walnuts
  • Leafy greens like Kale
  • Turmeric

While it is always preferred to get the necessary minerals and vitamins from the food you consume, you can also take supplements to make sure you are getting the important nutrients that promote joint health.

Lastly, this goes without saying, but you should avoid or quit smoking. Smoking is known to cause damage to the cardiovascular system and lung cancer and can also lead to inflammation.

Keep Your Weight in Check

When you get older, it might be harder to keep your weight in check due to various factors, like mobility, health issues, and a slower metabolism. Unfortunately, if you are overweight, your joints bear the brunt of all the extra pounds. This can make usual joint pain even more unbearable. Naturally, more joint pain impacts your mobility even more. As a result, you end up in a vicious cycle. Therefore, it is not surprising that obesity is prevalent in people above the age of 65. While it may be harder to lose weight when you get older, it’s not impossible. If you follow the two aforementioned tips, you are already in a good place to lose the additional pounds.

Stretching is good for Age-proofing Your Joints

Stretching, apart from keeping your limber, protects the cartilage from damage. Every time the joints move, the cartilage is nourished with joint fluid. This keeps it lubricated. Therefore, stretching can reduce stiffness and increase your motion range.

Drinking Can be Beneficial

This may be surprising but red wine can help improve joint pain, as well as reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. It is because the drink contains resveratrol. This compound is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. If you are not a wine person, even beer can help maintain joint health. However, make sure to drink in moderation. You should only drink a single glass daily. Drinking more than that is actually counterintuitive.