Eliminate the Pain: Physical Therapy for Chronic Inflammation

Eliminate the Pain: Physical Therapy for Chronic Inflammation

In certain cases, over-the-counter pain medications may not be enough to treat chronic inflammation. An alternative treatment that might work for them is physical therapy. Read further to understand how you might eliminate the pain.

Muscle inflammation may be a result of lifestyle choices or injury. It also plays a significant role in various other health issues. Chronic inflammation can lead to bowel disease, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. Some common symptoms include swelling, weakness, and pain.

It is also important to keep in mind that inflammation may not always be harmless. If you struggle to perform daily activities, it may be a good idea to consult a physical therapist.

To reduce discomfort and pain, physical therapists utilize a variety of techniques to aid healing. Some of the ways physical therapy can help treat chronic inflammation include:

Exercise Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Exercising for 20 minutes each day has anti-inflammatory benefits. Working out causes the muscle cells to release interleukin. This protein helps heal inflammation. Regular physical exercise also reduces the levels of TNF alpha, a protein that causes inflammation. Longer workouts lead to an increase in the production of interleukin. Apart from reducing swelling and pain, physical exercise can also boost the function of your muscles. However, make sure to consult a therapist to ensure less painful, easier, and safer movements during workouts.

Cold and Heat Therapy to Eliminate the Pain

A physical therapy treatment also involves the therapist utilizing cold or heat therapy to ensure long-term results. Heat therapy helps increase circulation so it can help with injuries. It ensures the injured tissues heal quickly. The treatment is also beneficial for joint spasms, muscle tightness, and muscle spasms. When it comes to reducing swelling and promoting healing, cold therapy can be effective.

Manual Therapy

Are you searching for the most simple way to reduce inflammation and soothe your muscles? Then, manual therapy may be for you.

Physical therapists utilize manual therapy because it’s the best way to reduce inflammation and relax the muscles. This treatment involves muscle manipulation, joint manipulation, and kneading injured areas. So, it is a common technique that helps reduce pain, boost blood circulation, and decrease muscle tension.

Eliminate the Pain with Ultrasound Therapy

This treatment can help individuals, whether they are suffering from chronic or mild inflammation. It is completely safe and there is adequate evidence that this treatment offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Ultrasound therapy utilizes various settings in each stage of the recovering process. It is an extremely effective technique and performs well on most patients.

An Individualized Physical Therapy Treatment Can Help You Get Relief

If you are suffering from chronic inflammation, it would be a good idea to schedule time with a professional physical therapist. They can help create an effective and customized program for your chronic inflammation that suits your particular needs and requirements. But no matter how severe your condition is, a physical therapist will help you control dangerous inflammation levels and make the right lifestyle choices.