How Certain Lifestyle Habits Can Lead to Chronic Inflammation

How Certain Lifestyle Habits Can Lead to Chronic Inflammation

When describing inflammation, we often say words like soreness, irritation, redness, tenderness, swelling, as well as infection in certain cases. While it’s normal to get inflammation after an accident, injury, or a surgery, it should go down with time. If it lingers longer than an acute inflammation, it is referred to as chronic inflammation. This is long-term inflammation that may last several months, and in some cases, even years. In this article, we will discuss various lifestyle habits that may be the reason behind it so you know how to get rid of the pain.


All the stressors of life (physical, physiological, and emotional) may pile up and lead to physical symptoms. Until the early 20s, the human body can deal with irregular sleeping cycles, lack of sleep, and bad eating habits easily. However, with age, it loses its resilience and can become sick and chronically inflamed due to these habits.


These days, most of us do not get adequate rest. The constant stimulation provided by our smartphones makes it hard for the brain to get a break and rest. Lack of rest means the body does not get time to recover and heal. Additionally, sleep debt can increase pain levels and cause anxiety, thereby contributing to chronic inflammation.


The things we consume have a significant impact on our body. So, it is possible to control inflammation by keeping a check on what you put in your body. Some of the nutrients you should include in your daily meals include:

  • Fats and proteins: They are crucial for cell-building, stabilizing sugar levels in the blood, and healing from injury. 
  • Eat colourful vegetables and fruits: These foods have healthy micro and macronutrients that aid bodily functions, as well as injury recovery. Some fruits are naturally anti-inflammatory, such as blueberries. Incorporating various vegetables and fruits in your daily meals will ensure that you get all the necessary ingredients to treat the chronic inflammation.
  • Avoid starchy and sugary foods: While these foods are comfort foods for many of us, they can inflame you in the long-term. They only feel good for a fleeting moment. So, skip pasta and bread if you want to get rid of chronic inflammation.


Negative thoughts and fears boost the production of cortisol in your body. This not only increases pain, but also makes you irritable. While positive, and happy thoughts may not heal your chronic inflammation, they promote a bodily environment that is suitable for healing. Things like taking a jog/walk, meditation, hanging out with family and friends, and indulging in your hobbies can all ensure a good internal environment that promotes healing.

While physical therapy can be effective in getting rid of chronic inflammation for most patients, the best treatment is prevention. Everything from sleep and nutrition, to emotions and stress have an impact. Therefore, it is important to consider how your lifestyle habits are affecting chronic inflammation so you can effectively prevent it.