Is Legit? Our Experience With the Wellness Brand

Is legit? Our answer is a resounding yes! 

Since we’re all about providing tips around the best ways to recover from injuries, prevent injuries, and just live an overall healthier lifestyle, every once in a while, we look around for brands with products that sound like a good fit for our readers.

One product that our founders love to talk about is how much a weighted blanket can help with recovery due to its ability to help improve sleep, something that is important in the body’s healing process. 

As such, we recently came across the comfort brand,™. 

It’s a UK brand that sells cosy comfort products like weighted blankets, pillows, and cushioned slides. But, like most online retailers that quickly pop up and disappear, we wondered: is™ legit? 

You never know, a lot of retailers you see online on your Instagram feed are scams. So, before we recommend™ to our readers, we wanted to test them out.


To determine the answer to – is legit or not, we ordered some of their products to see if we’d actually receive them, how quickly we’d receive them if they’re just as described on their site, and how efficient their customer service is. The three™ products we ordered were:

  • Kuddly Blanket
  • Dream Pillow
  • Kloud Sliders 

We are happy to report that is real and most definitely not a scam. If you order something from, you’ll actually receive the products as they appear on their sites. 

The products we ordered actually arrived and showed up in a respectable few days. 

There was an issue with the sizing of the kloud sliders, and we reached out to the customer service team via, and their customer service team responded within the 24 hour time frame they provided and quickly helped us with our sizing issue. As such, has an exceptional and very friendly customer service team. 


We’re happy to report that all of the products we ordered from the collection are just as good, if not better than how they are described on the website.


The kuddly blanket is weighted at 5kg, a great weight for providing a comfortable amount of pressure to help you get the rest you need each night. We each had a turn with it, loving the fact that it’s machine washable and super easy to clean. We definitely recommend it to our readers. 

Some might wonder, where is the kuddly blanket made? And we’ll be honest with you, the kuddly blanket’s label says China. But that shouldn’t deter you,  literally every product all over the world is manufactured in China at this point, and’s quality is top notch. 


The kuddly dream pillow was just as described, an absolute dream and exceptionally customisable for every sleeper. It’s a shredded memory foam pillow and comes with a small bag to hold extra foam for when you customise it to your body shape and sleep position. It’s also machine washable and was extremely easy to adjust for each sleeper, so everyone here had a chance to test it out. Now we have to buy more because it’s the best thing we’ve ever slept on and everyone here is fighting over it. 


The kuddly Kloud Sliders were a really cool find. They’re described as cushioned slides, with a 4cm thick midsole, to help relieve pressure on your knees and joints. 

We have to admit, they’re truly comfortable. And we agree, the cushion is great for your joints, so much so, we’re getting everyone on team Painbo™ a pair.


Overall, as a UK company that offers a 30 day trial with free shipping, we’ve determined that is legit and offers some pretty solid products. 

And as such, we would highly recommend them to our readers and our family and friends.