Here is How You Can Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Here is How You Can Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Muscle pain and a sore body are common issues, whether you just got on the fitness train or are a professional muscle builder. It is normal to experience them when you are trying to activate new muscles. While soreness after a strenuous or a new workout is okay, if you experience muscle soreness all the time, it is highly likely that you are not giving enough time to your muscles to recover. Apart from that, you also need to provide your muscles with the necessary nutrients to prevent muscle soreness after each workout. Some other things you can do to speed up muscle recovery and get back on track include:

Speed Up Muscle Recovery by Drinking an Adequate Amount of Water

Working out causes the body to dehydrate due to sweat. Therefore, it is crucial to replenish with water as it plays an essential role in transferring nutrients across the body and many metabolic functions. Drinking water after exercising not only prevents dehydration but also gets rid of toxins from the body. These are two of the main reasons behind sore muscles.

Taking Pre-Workout Supplements

If you want your muscles to recover and rebuild, it is crucial to take the right nutrient before you begin working out. Consume foods and products that have BCAAs (Branch-Chain Amino Acids). Creatine is also a beneficial nutrient. It boosts muscular energy, which supports stamina, strength, and power. It also ensures quick energy production which can be beneficial for high-intensity workouts.

Speed Up Muscle Recovery Warming Up Properly

Warming up before your workout can help improve joint mobility, increasing the motion range for your muscles and joints. It also boosts muscle elasticity, which can help prevent any damage and tear. Stretching the arms, legs, wrists, and quads activates muscles and makes it easier for them to recover after a workout.

Not Forgetting to Cool Down

It is just as important to cool down after a workout as it is to warm up before it. A slow 5 -10 minute walk or jog is enough to cool down your body, especially after a strenuous workout. Cool-down stretches and exercises help get rid of the build-up of lactic acid, thereby, reducing the chance of muscle stiffness or cramps.

Taking Rest Days

You do not have to work out each day to get the maximum results. In fact, taking rest every week can help boost your performance instead of hindering it. Resting helps with muscle recovery, reducing injury risks, and preventing muscle soreness and fatigue.

Getting Adequate Sleep

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that 7-9 hours of sleep are necessary for every person to function properly. However, do you know that sleep can also affect muscle recovery? When you are in the non-REM stage of sleep, you breathe deeply and slowly. There is minimal brain activity but your body repairs itself. There’s an extra supply of oxygen, nutrients, and blood, to the muscles which helps them repair, grow, and heal. A growth hormone is also released during sleep which helps in muscle repair and tissue growth. Therefore, a good night of sleep is crucial for muscle recovery.

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